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SusanProfile3Susan is a spiritual director and has significant experience in giving retreats and other programs of spiritual formation as well as in offering individual spiritual direction. She is the author of Growing in Love and Wisdom: Tibetan Buddhist Sources for Christian Meditation (Oxford 2013) and of the blog, Creo en Dios! Prior to moving to Minneapolis in 2007, Susan was a member of the adjunct ministerial staff of St. Ignatius Retreat House in New York.

Susan shares her reflections on her journey with God on her blog, in podcasts and videos, in group talks and retreats, and in print and online articles.

Celebrating Easter

Catholics (and other Christians too, I suspect) are really good at Lent. We go through Lent abstaining from meat on Fridays, fasting on certain days, giving things up, trying to get to daily Mass more frequently, going to Stations or other prayer services during the week. We don’t necessarily live up to all of our hopes for our Lenten observances (more than one of my friends confessed their inability to keep their resolve to give up Facebook during Lent), but we give it a darn good effort.

Then comes Easter. We attend the Easter Vigil or go to Sunday morning Easter Mass (as my daughter did) and we have a wonderful gathering of friends and family for the Easter feast. Then, it is easy to go back to things as usual.

But, there is a reason that the Easter season in the Church liturgical calendar goes on for 50 days until Pentecost Sunday. The Resurrection of Christ radically changes everything and it is so important for us to take time to reflect on what Resurrection means for us, individually and as a community, so that we can more fully be a witness to Resurrection in the world.

So don’t put Easter behind you. Instead, carry forth the Resurrection spirit in all you do and are in the world. And to help you do that, you might want to spend some time praying with the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus to his disciples to help you contemplate what Jesus’ Resurrection means to you. Or, pray with Acts, which reminds us of what Jesus’ disciples are capable of when they allow the Spirit to work through them (and us).

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