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SusanProfile3Susan is a spiritual director and has significant experience in giving retreats and other programs of spiritual formation as well as in offering individual spiritual direction. She is the author of Growing in Love and Wisdom: Tibetan Buddhist Sources for Christian Meditation (Oxford 2013) and of the blog, Creo en Dios! Prior to moving to Minneapolis in 2007, Susan was a member of the adjunct ministerial staff of St. Ignatius Retreat House in New York.

Susan shares her reflections on her journey with God on her blog, in podcasts and videos, in group talks and retreats, and in print and online articles.

What It Means That God Became Human

The Christmas season may be over, but our lives are forever changed by the reality of God becoming human. The intermingling of divinity and humanity which allow us a share of God’s divine nature.

Ian Oliver, in a poem titled, A Christmas Prayer, writes that as a result of this “inexpressible” enclosure of divinity and humanity in the one body of Christ, “to be human was never the same, but forever thereafter, carried a hint of its close encounter with the perfect.”

And that is a central part of the message of Christmas. Not just that Christ was born, but that Christ’s birth means something about who we are – about who we can be. For, as Oliver writes,

If God can lie down in a cattle-trough,
Is any object safe from transformation?
If peasant girls can be mothers to God,
Is any life safe from the invasion of the eternal?
If all this could happen, O God,
What places of darkness on our earth
Are pregnant with light waiting to be born this night?

We know the answer to that question. If God can lie down in a cattle-trough and a peasant girl can be mother of God, then, indeed, God can be everywhere and is everywhere waiting to be born. Waiting for each of us to be the mother of God in the world.

That is a message we need to be reminded of every day of our lives.


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