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SusanProfile3Susan is a spiritual director and has significant experience in giving retreats and other programs of spiritual formation as well as in offering individual spiritual direction. She is the author of Growing in Love and Wisdom: Tibetan Buddhist Sources for Christian Meditation (Oxford 2013) and of the blog, Creo en Dios! Prior to moving to Minneapolis in 2007, Susan was a member of the adjunct ministerial staff of St. Ignatius Retreat House in New York.

Susan shares her reflections on her journey with God on her blog, in podcasts and videos, in group talks and retreats, and in print and online articles.

Filled With, and Fortified by, the Spirit!

The Easter season has ended, with our celebration of Pentecost on June 8, and we are now in Ordinary Time.

But there is nothing “ordinary” about our lives as Christians. Filled with the Holy Spirit, we are called be the Body of Christ in the world.

Henri Nouwen wrote, “Life lived Eucharistically is always a life of mission. We live in a world groaning under its losses: the merciless wars destroying people and their countries, the hunger and starvation decimating whole populations, crime and violence holding millions of men, women and children in fear. Cancer and AIDS, cholera, malaria, and many other diseases devastating the bodies of countless people;…it’s the story of everyday life filing the newspapers and television screens. It is a world of endless losses…This is the world we are sent live in…with burning hearts and with open ears and open eyes.”

In the account of the Ascension contained in Acts, two men in white garments ask the disciples, “Why do you stand there looking at the sky?” One reading of that is precisely this: Why do you stand there looking at the sky? You have work to do. You have a commission to fulfill. From now on, you are the body of Christ; you must proclaim the good news; must embrace all people with the merciful love of God.

We do that work, fortified by the Spirit at work within us.


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